2014 Newsletters

Emory Urology E-News - Fall 2014

Emory Urology Newsletter Fall 2014

Letter from the Chair | Emory Urology and Emory University Hospital Recognized in Top Rankings | New Faculty: Dr. Mehrdad Alemozaffar, Dr. L. Courtenay Beebe, Dr. Haydn Kissick, Dr. Gladys Ng | Dr. Ritenour Named Associate Chief of Surgical Services at Emory University Hospital | Emory's Infertility Research Selected as Prize Paper by SMRU | Dr. Pearl: 2014 "Resident as Teacher" Award | Awards & Accomplishments | Chief Residents Graduation Benefit | Emory Urology Scientific Publications, October-September 2014


Emory Urology E-News - Spring 2014

Emory Urology Newsletter Spring 2014

Letter from the Chair | Emory Urology Distinguished Alumni Award: Dr. John Woodard | Emory's Advances in Urology Set a New Record | Emory Selected for Movember ASAP Network | Expansion of Emory Urology Residency Program | Dr. Ritenour Appointed to Urology Residency Review Committee | Emory Urology on the Front Cover of Cancer | Resident Accomplishments & News | Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital: Prostate Cancer Screening | Emory Urology Scientific Publications, September 2013-March 2014