Medical Assistants Recognized as Outstanding Team Members of the Month

February 2017

Cynthia Brannon and Leigha Lowe

Cynthia Brannon and Leigha Lowe, medical assistants of The Emory Urology Clinic at Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital, were recognized as the February 2017 Outstanding Team Members of the Month by Emory Healthcare.

Ms. Brannon and Ms. Lowe's colleague wrote: "We had a homeless patient present to our outpatient clinic, who was very sick and in need of help. It was obvious that this patient was homeless and had not showered in weeks. After it was determined by the medical team that this patient needed to be admitted to the hospital, Cynthia explained that she didn't want the patient to be admitted in his current state. She then worked with her colleague, Leigha, to provide a sponge bath and offer him clean clothing. The patient was brought to tears of joy and thankfulness for the care and compassion shown to him by Cynthia and Leigha. He explained that we restored his faith in humanity, and he couldn't express how much it meant to him that he could be admitted to the hospital in clean clothing and bathed. Cynthia and Leigha did this all without a moment's hesitation or instruction. I am so proud of the care and compassion shown by Cynthia and Leigha, and I feel these are the behaviors Emory strives to have all employees exhibit on a daily basis."

Emory Urology congratulates Ms. Brannon and Ms. Lowe, and praise their actions as a model example of putting the patient's welfare first.