Prostate Cancer Specialists Bestowed Endowed Chairs at Winship Cancer Institute

Martin Sanda

Claire Sterk, Peter Rossi, James Kennedy, John G. Pattaras, and Jonathan Lewin.

December 2016

The Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University has selected two prostate cancer specialists to hold endowed chairs, made possible through a generous $25 million grant from the James M. Cox Foundation. John G. Pattaras, MD, Associate Professor of Urology, is the James C. Kennedy Chair in Prostate Surgery, and Peter J. Rossi, MD, Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology, is the James C. Kennedy Chair in Prostate Cancer.

A chair bestowment event was held at Emory St. Joseph's Hospital on December 8th, 2016. Mr. James Kennedy, Chairman of Cox Enterprises and President of the James M. Cox Foundation, presented the endowed chairs to Dr. Pattaras and Dr. Rossi. Emory University President Claire Sterk, PhD, and Emory Healthcare President and CEO Jonathan Lewin, MD, were in attendance for the celebration.

Dr. Pattaras and Dr. Rossi will lead the Kennedy Initiative for Patient-Centered Care, aimed to build better systems of health care delivery to ensure the best outcomes in an efficient, effective, and safe manner.