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Dr. Fray Marshall-Dearly Missed

The Emory community suffered a great loss on December 2, 2011 when Fray Francis Marshall, M.D. died at the age of 67 from cancer. Dr. Marshall was most recently Professor and Chairman of the Emory University Department of Urology.  He was recognized as a true leader in academic medicine, and he leaves behind countless patients, physicians and others who were helped by his skill and lasting contributions to the field. For those of us who ever had the fortune of working closely with Fray, we valued his thoughtfulness, ability to motivate and insight.  He led by example, and served as a role model for the many urologists he trained. Dr. Marshall recognized the value of the individual, yet he placed equal if not more emphasis on team collaboration. Perhaps most importantly, he understood that “horizons were limited by extra urologic exposure,” and so he fostered outside interests that made him an even better clinician, researcher and teacher.  Dr. Marshall loved nature and art, and he could discuss these topics knowledgeably. He appreciated the importance of our environment. He was fluent in French, and his understanding and love for photography were impressive. Dr. Marshall liked simplicity in design and he paid great attention to detail. Despite his incredibly productive career and many activities, he always made time for his family, the part of his life of which he was most proud. He also recognized that his family allowed him to reach his successes.  His wife of 38 years, Lindsay, was a constant foundation of support and encouragement throughout his life. His children, Wheatley and Brooks, were a continuous source of pride for him. His first grandchild, Otis Fray Marshall, was born to Brooks and his wife, Kami, just several months before his death, and he was thrilled that he was able to spend time with Otis on several occasions.

Fray Marshall and Chair eventGrateful patients and friends contributed funds to establish the Fray F. Marshall, M.D. Chair in Urology at the Emory University School of Medicine. The Chair was presented in March 2011 and will be devoted to research within the Department of Urology to continue his dedication to research, academic excellence and innovation. Countless individuals benefitted from Dr. Marshall’s friendship, thoughtfulness, vibrancy and skill.  He inspired us all with his energy and kindness, and he will continue to be a role model for many. He often quoted from his “Handbook,” which was filled with wisdom and wit, and he leaves behind a legacy in medicine and in life. He was a visionary and transformative physician who motivated all those around him.  Dr. Marshall strove to always “make a difference,” and he did that every day.  Many urologists and friends attended a celebration of Dr. Marshall’s life on December 10, 2011 in Atlanta.  During that time, there were wonderful reflections on an amazing family member, friend and person who will be greatly missed.

Copies of Fray’s ‘Handbook’ are available at