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Dr. Filson Article Makes Front Cover of Prestigious Cancer Journal


Dr. Christopher Filson, Assistant Professor of Urology at Emory University and Atlanta VA Medical Center, published a comprehensive review of the current guidelines for effective observation of men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer in the July/August 2015 edition of the Cancer Journal for Clinicians. In his state-of-the-art publication, Dr. Filson outlined the best practices for those patients considering surveillance management option for prostate cancer. The Cancer Journal for Clinicians is the most prestigious cancer journal as judged by its impact index of 115 which is the highest of all medical journals worldwide.

Dr. FIlson determined that observational strategies carries minimal risks and acceptable disease-specific survival when used in properly selected men with early stage low risk prostate cancer.

The article stated “the decision-making process surrounding treatment for a man with localized prostate cancer must take an individualized approach. The risks and benefits of expectant management vis-a-vis active treatment should be reviewed with the patient in light of existing knowledge, potentially with the use of decision aids to help enable a truly shared decision-making process."

CA Cancer J Clin Cover