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Kidney Cancer Trials

For enrollment information involving the following trials, please contact one of the research staff members on the "Meet the Team" page.

Chemotherapy (AXITINIB)

Tissue Bank


Phase III randomized double-blind study of adjuvant Axitinib versus Placebo in kidney cancer patients at high risk of cancer recurrence.


• Newly-diagnosed kidney cancer treated with nephrectomy
• >50% clear cell renal cell carcinoma (RCC) on histopathology
• Pathological stage pT2, pT3 or pT4
• Lymph node metastasis (pN0, pNx, pN1)
• No distance metastasis (M0)
• ECOG Performance Status 0-1
• Adequate hematologic (blood & marrow), kidney and liver functions

Exclusion Criteria:

• Undefferentaited histopathology, sarcoma, collecting duct carcinoma, or lymphoma
• Patients with metastases to the kidney
• History of other cancers within the past 5 years (exceptions: skin basal cell carcinoma, skin squamous cell carcinoma, or in-situ carcinoma of the cervix uteri that has been adequately treated with no evidence of disease recurrence for the past 12 months)
• History of anti-angiogenic therapy
• Clinically significant cardiovascular conditions

Sponsor: SFJ Pharma Ltd. on behalf of Pfizer

Principal Investigator: Dr. Viraj Master

Co-Investigators & Collaborators: Dr. Kenneth Ogan, Dr. John Pattaras, Dr. Peter Nieh, and from the Emory Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology: Dr. Omer Kucuk, Dr. Bradley Carthon


Kidney tissue and specimen bank at Emory University and affiliated medical centers.


Any patient undergoing kidney cancer screening or kidney cancer treatment.

Eligible Treatment Centers:

• Emory University Hospital
• The Emory Clinic
• Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital
• Emory Midtown Hospital
• Grady Memorial Hospital

Exclusion Criteria

• None

Other Information:

• Following surgical removal, all tissue will be processed by the Department of Pathology for routine standard histopathological examination. For the tissue bank, a small portion of the tissue will be used for research testing.
• Additional specimens such as blood, urine, and saliva may be collected for research purposes.
• Patient medical records and test results will be reviewed and compiled in a relational database for research analysis.

Principal Investigator: Dr. John Petros

Co-Investigators & Collaborators: Dr. Martin Sanda, Dr. Viraj Master, Dr. Adeboye Osunkoya (Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine), Dr. Joseph Shelton (Department of Radiation Oncology)

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