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2015 MilliPub Club Award

The Dr. Rebecca Arnold, Department of Urology, was recently inducted in the MilliPub Club in a ceremony held on March 25, 2015 at Emory University School of Medicine.  The MilliPub Club honors and recognizes Emory faculty members who have published papers that have garnered more than 1000 citations. Such papers are commonly considered “citation classic” and represent high impact scholarship. Dr. Arnold cloned and decribed the characterization of Mox1 (later updated to Nox1), which is a key enzyme that generates reactive oxygen species - crucial molecules in cancer biology. Her discovery led to the subsequent discription of a family of enzymes, Noxs 1-5 and dual oxidases Duox1/2.

Dr. Arnold’s research article “Cell Transformation by the Superoxide-Generating Oxidase Mox1” was published in Nature, one of the top 10 scientific journals in the world with an Impact Factor of 30.

Congratulations, Becky.

    Dr. Rebecca Arnold