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2013 Distinguished Alumni Award

John R. Woodard, MD

Dr. John Woodard received the inaugural Emory Urology Distinguished Alumni Award. Dr. Woodard graciously accepted the award in a ceremony attended by 120 urologists from across eleven states in the Southeast held at the 2013 Advances in Urology Emory Conference – stating “I am amazed, surprised and very appreciative at being the recipient of this first Alumnus Achievement Award.”

The award recognizes alumni of Emory School of Medicine, past Emory Urology graduates and/or Emory faculty members for their outstanding contributions toward advancing the field of Urology. Dr. Woodard served as the Director of Pediatric Urology at Emory University School of Medicine and Chief of Urology at Egleston Children’s Hospital for 25 years. He recalls, “Some of my happiest professional memories are from my full-time Emory days.”

Woodard grew up in Hawkinsville, Georgia. During high school, he was the quarterback that led his team to a winning season. He attended Emory University, Medical College of Georgia and was subsequently accepted in urology residency at the New York University-Cornell Medical Center. While also contemplating a career in general surgery, he received a handwritten letter from Doctor Victor Marshall expressing the expectation for him to live up to his commitment since many qualified applicants were turned down to give him this opportunity. And the rest is history – he attended and completed his urology residency at Cornell.

Woodard was the first in the US to have a yearlong fellowship in pediatric urology and the first U.S. fellow to train under Sir David Innes Williams at Great Ormond Hospital for Sick Children (1964). He was one of the first to restrict his practice to full time pediatric urology and one of a 3-man committee that co-wrote the first guidelines for the pediatric urology fellowship training in the United States. Woodard inspired his trainees to confront complex surgical reconstructions with quotes like “a faint-hearted fellow never wins a fair-haired maiden” and “there is a special place in heaven for those who fix hypospadias.

Woodard is blessed to enjoy the support of his wonderful family - his wife, Inga, and his 4 children, John, Susan, Steven and Honor.
Emory Urology is proud to award the inaugural Emory Urology Distinguished Alumni Award to an extraordinary role model—a highly respected individual and devoted family man, an outstanding urologist, a sincere and admired educator, and a kind and caring father, physician and a gentleman—Dr. John Woodard.

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